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Want to have fun with a great bunch of guys while learning new outdoor skills in a Christian setting? Get involved in the CTO Champaign Chapter. CTO is a youth hunting and fishing club for boys and young men age 7-20. We are "Building Men, Preserving our Heritage and Sharing our Faith."  Go with us on real hunting and fishing trips and other exciting outings - including the coolest Summer Camps in the world! 

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D'Lige Smith-Hughes

D'Lige Smith-Hughes

In 2009 D’Lige’s Grandpa passed away. His Grandma had to move into a new house, which was right around the corner from Eric ‘Bear’ St. Pierre’s house in Champaign.

At the time D’Lige didn’t have a clue about CTO or what it was about, but he had a neighborhood friend named Tamba, who had just come back from summer camp, and was apart of this group called Cross Trail Outfitters.

Tamba’s told D’Lige and a couple of his friends about his summer camp experience hunting rams, which encouraged the group of boys to go around the corner to Bear’s house so they could learn more about CTO.

 Since D’Lige enjoyed being outdoors and wanted to learn to shoot a gun, even though his grandmother wasn’t so big on guns, but he knew she wouldn’t mind because CTO is a Christian based group and D’Lige was brought up in the church and was familiar already with Christ.

 D’Lige and some neighborhood friends regularly attended the meetings at Bear’s house every week. D’Lige also has attended every outing and every summer camp while a youth, but as the years went on and his level of experience and knowledge increased D’Lige became an Apprentice Guide. Being an Apprentice Guide allowed him to pass on his knowledge of the outdoor to the new group of CTO Sportsmen.

 Ever since that day, D’Lige knocked on Bear’s door, Cross Trail Outfitters has been apart of his life, it has opened doors for him to get to learn new things, to experience hunting and fishing, and over the years CTO has also brought him closer to God. He is thankful and grateful to have been apart of Cross Trail Outfitters.

 Now D’Lige is in training with Eric ‘Bear’ St. Pierre, Illinois State Director, to become the Outfitter for Cross Trail Outfitters in Champaign County.

D'Lige Smith-Hughes

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