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Illinois is a State with a strong hunting and fishing heritage.  Many Sportsmen from all over the country flock to Illinois in the fall and winter months to try and harvest one of our big corn and soybean fed monster bucks.  Illinois Department of Natural Resources are experts in managing our habitats, overseeing one of the largest collections of public hunting ground; giving every Sportsman an opportunity to harvest game during any season.

This in part is one of the reasons Cross Trail Outfitters has found a home in Illinois.  Another is the need to help the young men of our state discover the outdoor activities. As with all of American culture today the breakdown of traditional families has left many boys without a father or male mentor in their life to help guide them and share with them this rich hunting and fishing heritage that our state is so well known for.

It is this reason that CTO of IL has continued to grow. Just as there is an endless crop of young men with their hands out waiting for direction, there are men willing to harvest this field. These men are like an elite Special Forces team. Training hard and long to grow deep personal relationships with the young men God has put in our path.  They are living sacrifices on the altar of service knowing full well that they are committing to share their gear, open up their homes, and share their lives.  They are becoming living breathing examples of Jesus, participating as the Body of Christ.


If you would like to join our team as a Root Partner, Executive Council Member, Elder, Prayer Team, or our Elite Guide Officer please email our State Director Bear St. Pierre.  He will be more than happy to guide you on the right path.

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Eric 'Bear' St. Pierre

Eric 'Bear' St. Pierre
217-480-BEAR (2327)

Eric St. Pierre is more commonly known by his nickname Bear. If you’ve ever stood next to him you’ll understand why!

Bear’s leadership development began while in Scouts and continued as he went through the scouting program, eventually earning the rank of Eagle Scout in 1996. It was during this time that Bear developed his passion for the outdoors including hunting, fishing, and conservation.

It is because of this passion he was led to begin Cross Trail Outfitters of Illinois. CTO is a ministry that Bear founded in the state of Illinois in 2010. He developed a solid foundation for this ministry that continues to grow today. CTO is a big part of his life, and he serves as the State Director for CTO of Illinois.

It was CTO’s cornerstones: Building Men, Preserving our Heritage, and Sharing our Faith, which drew Bear to Cross Trail Outfitters. He saw Building Men as an opportunity to develop leaders and teach personal responsibility to a generation whose idea of manhood has been hijacked by entertainment, media, and lack of attentive fathers. Preserving our Heritage he saw as an opportunity to share not only outdoor heritage, but also the heritage of our founding fathers and the documents that our country was built on. Bear cherishes helping all he comes in contact with to understand the original intent of the founding fathers. Sharing our Faith in Jesus and helping answer some of life’s great questions through Scripture is an important part of Bear’s life, which is why he appreciated seeing these values reflected in CTO as well. 

Outside of CTO, Bear has been sought after to help develop leaders in business, ministry, and athletics. It was during his time with World Wide Dream Builders he was given the opportunity to exchange ideas with leadership guru John C. Maxwell. Maxwell told Bear that he not only looked to him as a mentor but as a friend. Bear continues leadership development to this day both in CTO and also through working with John Wright at Greyfield Legacies in St Joseph, IL. There he works with industry leaders and athletes, both collegiate and professional.

Bear also serves as the Immediate Past President of Guns Save Life.  He was the youngest president in GSL history, but you wouldn’t know it by his list of accomplishments.

When he was asked how he has accomplished so much in such a short amount of time he said, “I’ve been blessed by God. He has put so many opportunities in front of me, and I have always made myself available to step out in faith, letting Him lead my steps.”

Bear believes the reason some people have a problem with firearms is because of a lack of understanding of how they truly work. It is this lack of knowledge that breeds fear. He believes that the best way to continue to win the debate over firearms is to teach those who have no experience with guns how to properly use them. Once ignorance has been erased, one will see the fear of firearms begin to melt away which will allow many previous dissenters to become avid firearm owners themselves. These people will especially benefit when shown all the fun and safe activities there are within shooting sports.

Bear graduated in 2001 from Trinity Christian College where he double majored in Theology and Christian Education with a minor in Music. He was ordained Reverend Eric G. St. Pierre in 2013 through Windsor Road Christian Church in Champaign, IL.

Bear was also an American Professional Wrestler for over twenty years. He retired from the international promotion ZERO1 Pro Wrestling.

When asked how he balances all of these responsibilities, “I see all of my roles working together as one. To me it is all one and the same calling I have in my life. God has put these opportunities before me to impact the lives of others. Whether I am doing that while wearing a CTO hat, a GSL hat, a ZERO1 hat, or even a Greyfield hat, I’m helping people come to the understanding of truth. Sometimes that truth is guiding them to Jesus, sometimes that truth is sharing with them about personal responsibility and self-defense, and sometimes that truth is helping them chase their dreams and realize how they can reach their unlived life by overcoming the river of resistance. All in all it’s about how I can encourage and equip people to be the best God has called them to be.”

Eric 'Bear' St. Pierre
217-480-BEAR (2327)

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